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Welcome to the new Sign2God: the road sign to God through Jesus.

On this website you can get acquainted with the truly biblical faith as explained by Jesus Christ. It is personally meant faith, certainly not focused on knowledge alone, but even more on how you get that faith in your life, in your daily behavior and in dealing with others.

Like what Jesus taught and showed was very different from the average faith of the faith organization in his time here on Earth: so what Sign2God shows is also very different from what the faith organizations show today. Different in faith, different in the laying of that faith, different in applying that faith and leading to another fruit of faith!

However: Sign2God does take what Jesus says directly and teaches as a starting point for that belief (starting with John 17: 3) that churches and other faith institutes do not dare or do not want. Christians are people who want and dare to accept the words and teachings of Christ from the Bible; especially when it comes to faith and a life of faith. We of Sign2God do want and dare to show his words and teachings on this website and each of us personally can therefore truly be called "Biblical Christian"! Moreover, you will understand that we therefore are neither of any church nor of any sect.

Maybe you also want to believe Christ on his word? Then this site is definitely what you are looking for and want to read! Realize, however, that church members honor the church, church faith and church doctrine above anything else instead of Christ and what he teaches ... What is shown here will be rejected by church members (directly or indirectly) and with questions about what we show here, you can not go to them. You would only experience feigned interest, rejection and other negative behavior. Therefore, if you want an explanation or have questions, please contact us by mail (Sign2God@gmail.com ) and we will try to respond quickly. Below are the links to short, clear papers about the true biblical Christian faith.

Sign2God - Josien & Hein

Eternal life after this life?!

Without God no Love

Jesus Christ

Alfa & Omega no born creature
Becoming a Christian & Being a Christian
How to pray in a biblical way

Important Bibles to know & own
Starting with God leads to God
Building a relationship with Christ!
Bringing the Gospel or unraveling plots
Praying for forgiveness of sin
Reunion with God who is a Spirit

Laying on hands not for activation
No instant heaven or hell
How to discern and recognize Gifts
Life of Christians

The End Times
A new Heaven & Earth
God Feasts point to God 's Plan

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