Becoming, being- & staying a Christian

Only after the Ascension to Heaven and the outpouring of the Spirit it is possible to become a Christian and be called a Christian (Acts 11:26).

* Wanting to become a Christian is wanting to get to know Jesus in your life, while you also believe in God so knowledge of both Jesus and God is needed. Moreover you need to know and understand how to follow Christ personally and to willingly live according to what Christ asks. The biblical conformation of that knowledge, faith, personal way and commitment is sealed by the baptism in Jesus name (only) as we know from Romans 6:3 and Galatians 3:26-27. That baptism leads to Jesus only #. In that way a person is baptized in Christ.

# (Matthew 28:19 (1) and 1John5:7 (2) were forged by means of inserting ’the 3 name formulae’ as we know (1) by the letters of Eusebius from the third Century where that formulae did not exist in the earlier handwritten Gospel by Matthew; and by (2) Erasmus forgery that is called ‘the Comma Johanneum’).

* Being an active Christian can only start after that baptism in the name of Christ but also after that person was equipped with the Spiritual Gifts; tools one only receives after the laying on of hands as we know from what the Apostles teach and do from after the period of the pouring out of the Spirit (Acts 19:6, Acts 8:18). In that way a baptized Christian is reconnected to God who is Spirit. In that way it is God that works through that Christian just as God works through Christ as Jesus tells/teaches in John 8:42, John 8:28, John 14:10. Nothing he did or Christians do is on ‘own authority’!

* In order to stay a Christian it is necessary to stay “clean” and not to sin against God, Gods 10 Commandments (including the 4th Sabbath Commandment: keeping Friday sundown till Saturday sundown holy) and not against your own body (=”fornication”; 1CorinthiĆ«rs 6:18).

So a Christian has to:
  • stop trespassing (Romans 6:15, 1John 3:4),
  • ask God daily forgiveness of sin in prayer (in Jesus name) or ask Jesus directly,
  • going out personally with the provided spiritually tools to tell and teach about Christ, the Gospel, needed faith in God and Jesus, etc.

Only in that proactive, personal way a Christian stays alive and grows in the Fruit of the Spirit. And only in that way the Christian receives eternal life says Jesus in (Matthew 25:29-30). No active use of the Spiritual Gifts, no Fruit of the Spirit. No Fruit of the Spirit, no eternal life!!

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