How to discern & recognize Gifts

Only if you believe in 1 true God YHWH and in 1 Lord Christ you can join Christ through baptism (Galatians 3:27, Acts19:5) and afterwards by prayer with the laying on of hands you can receive God's Spirit & Gifts (Acts19:6, Acts8:17-18). If you don't believe so and don't lay that foundation accordingly you don't get linked to God after being baptized into Christ and you don't receive the Gifts. Then you work from a pagan faith with your own suggestions of Gifts which is sin or even worse: demonic!

True Gifts of God YHWH however don't apply to worldly organization (as churches), to worldly/financial goals, to politics, to paid working, to benefit of it yourself, to crime or violence, to deceit or mockery. True Gifts are personal in Service of Christ and God a Tool to apply for every person you meet when you go out. For instance: as a person bringing the Gospel, teaching, baptizing, organizing, healing, casting out demons, discerning good and evil, prophecizing, etcetera.

Spiritual Gifts you received after prayer with the laying on of hands are not things you were good at before. Gifts are the things you couldn't do or didn't have at all; then God can give the most and linked to the Work He destined you to do!

• If you suddenly see things in faces and eyes and it shakes your world you probably have the Gift to discern. You can't help seeing what you never saw before and you do now.
• If you feel a fire burning in your throat to speak and words keep coming for it in your head you probably have the Gift of Prophecizing.
• If your hands feel huge with powers and notice you can heal people that way you probably have the Gift of Healing people.
• If you can pray for hours for others, get information of how to pray for those persons or events you probably have the Gift of prayer Intercession.
• Etcetera.

The main point is: you didn't have that ability before, you get it from God who is another source than yourself and you can't use it for your own benefit, succes or finances!! And you cannot use it in anger, mockery, deceit or revenge.

Also is important you still have to learn how to apply, with what rules and give thanks always (to God in the name of Yeshua). For instance: when you discern evil: pray, ask for protection, warn people and thank for God's Protection and Help.

When you heal people: do it properly, never sexual, never paid. And do not lay on hands on demonic people; having the Gift of discern can be handy here!!!

Listening to God or Christ and asking for help can be very important too in the process of learning but also when confronted with certain situations!

Putting the Gifts to use is organized by God Who is Spirit (John4:24) and He and Christ are the binding factor and goal. Not church or other worldly organizations or politics or other worldly goals.

A warning as ending: Hebrews 6:4-6 tells you that once you received the Gifts you cannot quit putting them to use or leave your faith! You CANNOT get forgiveness for that either this verse says, because it actually means wanting to crucify Christ twice and God willnot allow that! Then you are lost forever!!

So go out with your Gifts, discern and recognize them, pray for help on your way and thank God in the name of Christ Yeshua when all falls into place!