Faith stuck in programming?!!

It will be a great shock to hear, but all church members are programmed into a fake, pagan faith! Reading this will cause most people to stop reading and swipe away. Maybe out of total disbelief or out of total fear; or everything in between? If you are reading still you may not be easily frightened or you may only read so you can have a good laugh about it all after? My hope is that after reading this you will be alarmed but not frightened; neither laughing nor crying. There is hope when you get insight on how to get off the broad road and getting on the narrow path.

Without God no Love!

We humans are designed creatures and we owe it to our Creator that we know love, because He has incorporated the possibility of experiencing and living it into our design:

Zonder God geen Liefde!

Wij mensen zijn ontworpen schepselen en we danken het aan onze Schepper dat we liefde kennen, want Hij heeft de mogelijkheid tot het ervaren en het erin leven ervan in ons design verwerkt:

Names deliberately misplaced

The devil does not want God's true Name (YHWH) to be known or spoken.  The same also applies to the real name of Christ (Yeshua).

Namen bewust zoekgemaakt

De duivel wil niet dat Gods echte Naam (JHWH) bekend is of uitgesproken wordt. Datzelfde geldt ook voor de echte naam van Christus (Yeshua).