Buigen voor Christus?!?

Dit artikel vertelt waarom het nodig is om voor Christus te buigen, hem ook te prijzen, ook tot hem te bidden en zijn echte naam Yeshua te gebruiken.

Bowing for Christ?!?

This papers tells why bowing for Christ, praising him too, praying to him and using his true name Yeshua is needed

Determine Gods Biblical Calendar

This paper shows how to determine and compile God's Days and Feasts on Biblical Calendar, because the Jewish Hillel2 calendar and the church calendar are not biblical neither suitable for Christians!

Faith stuck in programming?!!

It will be a great shock to hear, but all church members are programmed into a fake, pagan faith! Reading this will cause most people to stop reading and swipe away. Maybe out of total disbelief or out of total fear; or everything in between? If you are reading still you may not be easily frightened or you may only read so you can have a good laugh about it all after? My hope is that after reading this you will be alarmed but not frightened; neither laughing nor crying. There is hope when you get insight on how to get off the broad road and getting on the narrow path.

Without God no Love!

We humans are designed creatures and we owe it to our Creator that we know love, because He has incorporated the possibility of experiencing and living it into our design: