Biblical Faith

Sign2God stands for road sign to God; it was started with five A4’s of text. The website grew fast and has been refined. On this page you can read more about Biblical faith, which does not come from theologians, faith institutes or churches, but directly from the Bible and preferably what Jesus himself says. So you can read back the Bible verses yourself in your Bible.

!! *** Newest/latest development is that we translated all papers on sign2God in English ourselves because the automated translation through the internet translator produced “spaghetti nonsense”. *** !!

Stop your old life!
Start your new life !
Getting to know God and Jesus ?!
How to pray in a biblical way
Christian or perfect? !!
Being there for your fellow men or women
Faith knows peaks & valleys
Forgiving someone gives life
Are you ready for the second coming of Christ?!

(We advise you to use several Bible translations, to get a complete and a reliable picture.) We use the following in Dutch: NBG 51, Statenvertaling and Groot Nieuws Bijbel For English: AV, ASV, RSV, WEB. nice to know NBG51,Statenvertaling, AV are also on Strong, so on word can be viewed from the Basic text)