Looking for answers or a way out?!
Do you see in this world in crisis -filled with violence, terrorism, wars, abuse of powers, hate, addictions, violence of nature, etc- no way out? Do you also think "is this all there is?". Do you wonder how and where this world will end and consequently how you will end also?

Do you see also that worldly power, worldly wisdom and world-religions do not bring the world ahead at all, but instead lead to more unsolvable problems, more abuse of power, more fake solutions, suffering for humans and animals, more environmental problems, poverty and wars?

On this webpage you do not only find answers, but also the only way out! A way you will have to choose for- and to go on personally, which is not always that easy, but certainly not impossible to do. You will walk on a narrow- but straight road, while at the same time you have left the old- and broad road filled with misery and suffering!

During your walk on that new road you will change in thinking, doing and of heart; and that is very nice for you, for the people around you and not only for now, but also for another time in future; it is a personal road leading you to eternal life!

Start reading and searching for your new- and personal way out!