Politics not for Christians

The worldly power has an engine of money (Mammon) and the power installed through votes determines how that money is used so the "selfish voice" makes you part of that process and that system!

"No man can serve two masters: for either he shall hate the one, and he shall love the other, or he shall be joined to the one, and shall despise the other: Ye cannot serve God and Mammon", Matthew6:24.

For Christians, "voting politically or doing politics" is not possible, because they are set apart or separated from that world.  Moreover, they go on a narrow path to the narrow gate of salvation, not on the broad worldly churchway leading to destruction.

“Enter through the straight gate. For the gate and the road that lead to destruction are wide and spacious, and many go that way. But the gate and the road that lead to life are straight and narrow and few find that way,” Matthew7:13-14

It is immediately noticeable that church people do vote for political parties, which is logical, because the churches are also worldly organizations through Chamber of Commerce registration, legal personality, paid staff, authority figures and boards, profit and loss account, tax deductions, speakers' protocols and political (church)parties!  So you know that churches are not Christian and that the church individual is not Christian either;  it only appears so.  Churches are rooted in idolatrous Babylon and are the fruit of it.

Choosing an ecclesiastical political party is just as worldly as choosing any other party;  it concerns only name  Christians.  Moreover: if such a party was erected by freemasonry or esoteric doctrine by voting you actually have  taken part in their wickedness directly or indirectly. Let alone if you were to support them when they after getting your support collaborate with an idolatrous party.  And what if you support parties with representatives who are Freemasons, idolaters or sexually impure?  They are therefore your representatives;  where they represent sin and the fallen lucifer...

What is possible for church members on that broad churchway and in that manner, is simply not possible for Christians.

Christians choose God YHWH via Christ (baptism of faith) afterwards leading to God (by prayer with laying on of hands) and thus receive God's Voice in their lives on the narrow path.  They trust so much in God and Christ;  and present their needs to them in prayer.

So as a Christian: do not get involved in worldly power or politics;  and don't vote for it either!