What to do when you find out that CHURCH TRIUNE or BIUNE GODHEAD is a fake and pagan?!

Don't go crazy, don't start thinking you can't find a suitable church. Churches are worldly organizations and unsuitable anyway. You have to trust in God and in Christ now! You will be shown the narrow path to the narrow gate of Salvation if you ask them.

1. Start off with praying to God; say you are very sorry and didn't know He is a Spirit himself (John4:24) and also the one true God YAHWEH. Put your heart and sincerity in your prayer. End your prayer to Him with saying "I ask this in the name of Christ Yeshua" (John16:23).

2. After that prayer pray to Christ (John14:13-14) and call him by his true Hebrew name Yeshua, make it personal! Tell him in your prayer you confess him as Lord and as HighPriest of God YHWH (Hebrews 8:1-2). Apologize you didn't know this.

In future pray to and praise God and Christ both, John5:23, personally. Build up a relationship with both of them!

3. Share your knowledge with the few baptized (!) people you trust and love in Spiritual matters of your Faith. Show them the saving words of Christ in John 17:3, John14:1 leading to life eternal if you believe accordingly in 1 true God and in one Lord Christ. If they agree and accept this faith let them pray to God and to Christ just as you did under 1. and 2.

4. You and few others (already baptized*, 1 is enough!) now want to reconnect to God and receive the Spiritual Gifts to go out with in Service of Christ. To do so:

Hold a humble worship with singing and if possible praise music. Worship God and worship Christ. In your living, in a shed, in nature, etc.

Then each of them stands praying (in mind) awaiting you to lay your hand on their shoulder/arm and to pray for them, that they may receive God's Spirit, ask in the name of Christ Yeshua.

Lay on hands with RIGHT HAND and keep your eyes open to look what happens to testify if possible. God will bless you too!!!

Do so till all people have received prayer with the laying on of hands. Then let all of them lay on hands on you to the same way (RIGHT HANDS) and pray for you too!!

5. Let each go out in her or his life with the Spiritual Gifts and find out what specific Gift(s) has been given. Gifts will be differently mostly. Speaking in tongues is definitely not required and is to be considered the most minor Gift!!!

If you can discern by seeing: do so and use it to do good. If you can educate: do so. If you can heal, heal. Etc.

Christ says in the not falsified Matthew 28:19-20:

"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, ‭teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

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