Looking for answers or a way out?!
Do you see in this world in crisis -filled with violence, terrorism, wars, abuse of powers, hate, addictions, violence of nature, etc- no way out? Do you also think "is this all there is?". Do you wonder how and where this world will end and consequently how you will end also?

Do you see also that worldly power, worldly wisdom and world-religions do not bring the world ahead at all, but instead lead to more unsolvable problems, more abuse of power, more fake solutions, suffering for humans and animals, more environmental problems, poverty and wars?

Becoming, being- & staying a Christian

Only after the Ascension to Heaven and the outpouring of the Spirit it is possible to become a Christian and be called a Christian (Acts 11:26).

* Wanting to become a Christian is wanting to get to know Jesus in your life, while you also believe in God so knowledge of both Jesus and God is needed. Moreover you need to know and understand how to follow Christ personally and to willingly live according to what Christ asks. The biblical conformation of that knowledge, faith, personal way and commitment is sealed by the baptism in Jesus name (only) as we know from Romans 6:3 and Galatians 3:26-27. That baptism leads to Jesus only #. In that way a person is baptized in Christ.

Jesus (Yeshua) Christ

Jesus is a creature; created by GOD before HE started his work of Creation says the Bible in Proverbs 8: 22-31. That is also why Jesus is called the Firstborn of God. Jesus therefore calls his God ‘Father’, but also ‘his God’ (John 20:17). That is why Jesus says to Mary Magdalene just after being Resurrected that “I am ascending to my and your Father; to my and your God”.