Hammered shut paradise?!

More and more raw calls are heard about animals going extinct, climate changes, disappearing rainforest and nature. At the same time we all want beautiful and huge mansions, asphalt roads and flying to far away destinations. Could there be conflicting interests and choices? And if so: can we each still make a huge difference in trying to do better for our Earth? And if so: can it both be the christian basis and biblical way?

Human caretakers of nature
Certainly so! Because in the Bible we read that God gave the humans Adam and Eve the task to take care of the Earth, animals, oceans and nature (Genesis 1:28); and also all children of Adam and Eve are held to the same task. So certainly also Gods children in Christ. Besides: being set-apart personally Christian are each asked to make the difference where the rest of the world neglects that duty. And preservation of the whole Earth, taking care of animals and environment are of major importance for them.

The Original Sin leads to contrast & conflict
From the moment on Satan deceived and mislead Adam and Eve into trespassing against God (Genesis 3:1-19) contrast and conflict were brought into the world that God created very good indeed. The devil’s influence lead to destruction, contamination, rotting. A slowly dying world. And in the current times it is highly visible that the destruction is going even faster then ever before; obviously leading to a very nasty ending. And that is why there are so many raw calls these days.

The first question that comes to mind is whether there is any sense in trying to put a stop to this from happening when knowing this Time of End will have to come to pass? The answer is plain and simple: yes that is a sensible thing to do! Why? Because Christians should live from loving to love. And thus they are committed to all things growing, living and flourishing. And even more: they are aware their “own backyard” is their nature and world. So each Christian wants to do his or her best to avoid the degeneration of all nature.

Starting personal, starting small
Nowadays many people know that huge, corporate like projects do not change a thing. It even remains to be seen whether those projects have a positive spin-off at all! Especially when there is no more money to spend... What can make the difference is the personal involvement of each person. In that way a project as the sum of many individual actions can become a huge success! Starting with what all individuals need, buy and eat. Think about food, clothing, home & garden.

Food more important than belongings?!?
Yes: it seems very odd, but what we eat, is more important than our belongings. Because what you eat is being produced, transported, asks for energy, raw materials, causes waste, pollution and warming of the Earth. And in this way all the oceans and nature are polluted, animals are dying or even going extinct. So what we each eat and drink every day causes major problems!

Food is produced all around the globe and thus transported by air or sea transport, which means pollution of air and water. But also the products are treated with poison/pesticides, genetics, antibiotics, fertilizer and radiation; making all Earth sick and dying. So all consumers together are responsible for the decay of the Earth, but as a result all individual consumers are also responsible. That makes any individual important when fighting against this decay!

God gave us fruit, seeds and plants to eat
From Genesis 1:29 we know God intended humans to eat fruit, seeds and plants. Plantbased foods. That food is the best suitable for our body and the Earth as a whole. Yet after the Original Sin God allowed humans to eat animal food, but without its blood and fat. And of course not of all animals. And when looking at the forbidden/unclean animals one can see especially birds of prey and other animals cleansing water, earth and air are forbidden to kill and eat... Knowing all that: what food would you chose to eat in the present time?

Would you chose what food institutes and food companies say you should eat? Would they really have your best interest at heart? Would they also see the bigger picture behind that food they recommend where the Earth is concerned? Or would they be aiming for employment, politics and revenue? Being a Christian there is no doubt: what God asks of you is best. Only that is truly healthy for you a human being. But also for the entire planet. And God says: eat plant food. So no artificial foods, no animal food or product (eggs, dairy, cheese, honey, etc.). Plantbased only: vegetables, seeds, herbs, fruit, beans, etc. That food is meant for people; that food is healthy only. That food is also of major importance for the health of our planet. How about B-complex/B12 intake then? When we would not wash, decontaminate and clean ourselves and what we eat so much we would get enough of it!

Plantbased food = superfood!
When eating a totally plantbased diet with various ingredients all the time, not adding oils or fat –not with cooking or frying either!- one stays healthy, energetic, thin and resistant against diseases.

When growing plantbased food you need less ground, less water and less nourishment for those plant than in comparison to keeping animals. Also there is no animal waste, no viruses or bacteria. That is how you keep the soil, air and water clean. And also how you get and keep nature intact.

When you grow plantbased food also no animals live in the human habitat; so no animal diseases can go from animal to humans. Not through air, soil, water or touching. Thus keeping the human society save and sound. As a result less people get ill, even fewer die and less costs for illness, death and disability too.

Moreover: when you eat plantbased foods less animals have to suffer in cages or because of slaughter. In that way you are making a choice that states your love and wanting to live in harmony with both your environment and nature.

These are only a few good examples when choosing for plantbased food, but there are many more. What is very clear indeed is that what God provides as a basis for humans is very healthy for humans, but also very loving, caring and sound. And not only for us! And that is probably why the Bible also says not to seek friends and hang around people that nourish themselves with meet and booze (Proverbs 23:19). Nowadays however the world population is doing exactly the opposite!!! Most eat animals, animal products and drink lots of alcohol. In that way destroying the Earth. But those that belong to God should not participate in those ways of the world!

Creating your paradise yourself
Being a Christian you want to be in harmony with your faith you will understand that food is very important factor in your life. It all starts with your spiritual house & garden: your body, health and resistance against disease. Treating that house and garden nice is only done by eating 100% plantbased without added oil or fat; also without using oil or fat to bake or fry in. Just eat vegetables, beans, fruit, herbs, plants, seeds, etc. After you leave the oil and fat from your food you will start to taste more. And the plantbased food will taste even better! And eating lots of green will not add to your weight in that way, which is even better.

And even nicer: with that plantbased food you are actually adding towards Gods Paradise and creating it in a healthy, animal friendly, environment friendly way. Your thinking will change, what you do and eat changes, you grow wiser and healthier and finally live in more harmony with your environment and community. In that simple way by eating and drinking as meant for Christians you make a huge difference and you also give a good example to follow. And thus you do exactly how God intended it for all.