God's Promises

Since the crucifixion of Christ, God's Blessing of eternal life rests on everyone who also believes in Christ (John 3:36).  However, while alive, God promises much more:

 1. God never leaves you, Deut31:8

 2. God plans your future, Jer29:11, Ps32:8

 3. God fights for you, Ex14:14

 4. No weapon against you will overcome you, no accusation will stand, Isaiah 54:17

 5. God gives rest, Matt11:28-29

 6. God gives strength, Isaiah40:29

 7. God makes you stand firm, Ps37:23-24

 8. God keeps you from sickness and evil intentions, Ps91:3

 9. God sets you free and breaks every yoke, Isaiah58:6

 10. God is with you so have no fear, Isaiah41:10.

God YHWH promises much more to those who love Him and His Son Yeshua: Power, Renewal, Protection.  And rest when having a strong faith in Him and Yeshua;  Peace in your heart and He will make all your paths straight.