Bringing the Gospel or unmasking plots?

Yes: we are living in the End time. Many people follow the devil in various ways: under many aliases, appearances and through organizations/companies. But what to do as a Christian? Hunting for every deception, group or plot to show the devil and his organizations really exist? Or rather showing the Gospel leading to eternal life when believing also in one true God and one Lord Jesus Christ as Jesus teaches and says in John 17:3? A search trough the Bible.

A witness of the Gospel & connected basis of faith
Christians are always supposed to show, teach and tell about the Gospel; of course with the linking faith needed. And about the role model of Jesus and what he teaches also (Acts 11:26, Matthew 28:19). Very logical, because in any other way one would not be a Christian, but something else; like a church member or cult follower perhaps. The same is applicable concerning the personal and proactive going out with the Spiritual Gifts you received after the laying on of hands following the Jesus baptism. Without personal proactive use of those Gifts received you are no longer a Christian and lost forever without any possibility of forgiveness!
(read Hebrews 6:4-6!).

Heaven & what follow from it as a starting point
In addition Colossians 3:1-4 tells us that Christians should not focus on the world, but have to stay aiming at Heaven and what comes from there. And of following and acting as Christ suggests. Thinking about being there personally for sick, persecuted and poor people around you. In that way a Christian grows in the Fruit of the Spirit. And yes: that takes a lot of commitment, effort and energy!

Loving thy neighbor in practice
So a focus on the world and its sickening plots is definitely not meant for Christians. You could spent a lifetime doing it without ever talking about the Gospel, the specific faith needed and Jesus. Yet it is on a very personal level needed to protect people against deception, damage, threatening situations, etc. and to bring to the light what is going on. This is “loving thy neighbor” in practice. But it is not the main focus nor is it the main thing to do as a Christian.

The bitter/sour fruit of aiming at plots only
Being a Christian in these times of End is very hard and lonely, because most people live in total deception leading to mass deformation and leading to the bad fruit we see everyday on the streets, in schools, at work, in nature, in stores and on television. Add a focus on plots to these scenes of mass violence, crime, bad behavior, addictions and apathy and it will turn the individual Christian trying to unravel plots in a negative, sour or bitter person. “Why even bother contacting someone in such a poisoned world cause everyone is effected”, could be a question that comes to mind. And before realizing it one will spend all time available for unraveling plots and turn into a complete lonely, apathic, sour and bitter person. In that way neither being an example of a Christian nor telling or teaching about the Gospel. That person is actually showing to have died spiritually...

Deceptions, tests & hardships...
Christians know that they are living in this world and that the end of it is near. And in that time of End all kinds of nasty fruits will become visible and noticeable. Besides: this way is also how Christians are tested: Christians are not to bargain, cooperate or mingle with that bad fruit and dito behavior. You have to keep warning against that fruit and the consequences that are involved for all those acting accordingly. Yet it is just as with telling about the Gospel: it is better not to waste precious things and time on (self) destructive people. It would only waste time, bring Christians in danger and lead to nothing good. So better choose to inform, tell and educate the very few people that have chosen for God and Jesus. Yet keep it simple, personal, direct and not continuously, because being a Christian and a future Christian is not about being a student of this world under Satan, but about being a student of Christ and what he teaches, shows and asks aiming at Heaven.

Give the Spirit space and time to work!
For Christians and future Christians it is therefore very important to grow in the awareness that both God and Jesus can approach them each personally and prepare them for what is to come and/or how to act (Acts 20:23-24). Moreover in direct contact or in situations the received Gifts as Insight (in good and evil) or the Gift of Wisdom can warn you when someone or something is not good and/or not save and you have to leave or stay away.

Important with what the Spirit tells you also is to be aware that what the world considers dangerous is quite different from what in heavenly perspective is dangerous. The world considers money, power, status, etc. very important because it thinks to money, possessions and living only here and now. Christians however keep their eyes at Heaven and eternal life with God, the needed faith and how to live accordingly and staying in Christ by on the one hand trying to keep all 10 Commandments and on the other hand asking forgiveness when trespassing. And also by going out personally and proactive with the Gifts of the Spirit thus growing into the Fruit of the Spirit which is also needed for eternal life. So clearly the dangers involving Christians are not about loosing money, possession, status or a fast life of fun. Other focus, other dangers. So worldly dangers are not what the Spirit will warn against...

Being a Christian & staying a Christian
Of Christians it is expected they stay loyal to God, Gods 10 Commandments (including keeping the Sabbath; Friday sunset till Saturday sunset) and that they keep the Faith of Jesus (Revelation 14:12). And that each Christian stays personally active with the Spiritual Gifts received after the laying on of hands (Hebrews 6:4-6).

Also a Christian stays personally active when it concerns prayer, asking for forgiveness, going out for others and being there for others. Every day; humble and sincere. And in that personal way being active and growing as a Christian should; also trying to keep the people around him/her save on the straight and narrow path. Only in that way a Christian is loving and aiming for truth and justice. Yet in that way also aiming at the heavenly future that is to come soon. And his/her Faith and Grace lies in the hands of God and Jesus Christ in that way. Only in that way a Christian stays a Christian.