Bringing the Gospel or unmasking plots?

Yes: we are living in the End time. Many people follow the devil in various ways: under many aliases, appearances and through organizations/companies. But what to do as a Christian? Hunting for every deception, group or plot to show the devil and his organizations really exist? Or rather showing the Gospel leading to eternal life when believing also in one true God and one Lord Jesus Christ as Jesus teaches and says in John 17:3? A search trough the Bible.

Hammered shut paradise?!

More and more raw calls are heard about animals going extinct, climate changes, disappearing rainforest and nature. At the same time we all want beautiful and huge mansions, asphalt roads and flying to far away destinations. Could there be conflicting interests and choices? And if so: can we each still make a huge difference in trying to do better for our Earth? And if so: can it both be the christian basis and biblical way?